Lucky Milk Bar

Introducing Lucky Milk Bar

This project refers to reaching t innovative levels within the Milk Products industry which we already function. The project is to open these unseen doors of Ice cream varieties to the Sri Lankan market along with the concept of Lucky Milk Bars Island wide and our own manufacturing plant.

The customers of our milk bars are not only getting the taste of milk products, they are also getting a huge satisfaction by consuming a value added Ice cream rather than eating a typical ice cream cup or a cone. We will be using 10,000 liters of locally purchased fresh milk per day. This is equal to 3000 tons of fresh milk per annul.

This new project has increased the company’s profit margin due to increasing quantity wise sale and avoiding of unnecessary price off. The specialty of this project is, it reflects much more than these financial matters. The enthusiasm our investors show in this venture is promising. We believe it is a certain kind of criteria to measure our goodwill as a local enterprise. As well it shows out our nation’s attitude towards local companies. Such a big number of outlets are to be established all over the country. Only Lucky branded products are sold in these where the biggest part of the investment is done by the franchised share holder.

The company has made arrangements to issue fresh milk for the consumers at these outlets minimizing their inconvenience in finding fresh milk in there surrounding. This becomes another national mission as it helps the country to save our foreign exchange by reducing import of powder milk. Additionally this service helps to up lift the health of our nation. Meanwhile these outlets will be able to establish a good market for the harvest of country’s dairy farmers. Through this project we can offer a competitive price for raw milk that favours the farmers.

As this outlet network spreads our brand name we have gained an extra marketing value to our products. With the time this will strengthen our potential in all aspects. Consumers become more familiar with the Lucky brand name enabling the company to face the unethical threats via an extremely ethical and cost less propaganda.